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AAA Radiator And Auto Air Conditioning, North Miami Beach FL, 33162, A/C Repair, A/C Service, A/C Evacuation and Recharge Service, Auto Heater Repair and Auto A/C Electrical Service

Come visit AAA Radiator And Auto Air Conditioning in North Miami Beach! We are proud to specialize in A/C Repair. We want your business! Our highly-trained automotive mechanics take great pride in supplying: A/C Service, A/C Evacuation and Recharge Service, Auto Heater Repair, and Auto A/C Electrical Service. Each of our reliable specialists undergo extensive automotive repair training to meet all your auto repair needs.

The owners and maintenance experts of AAA Radiator And Auto Air Conditioning have been honored to serve North Miami Beach for the past 30 years. While we focus on A/C Repair, A/C Service, A/C Evacuation and Recharge Service, Auto Heater Repair and Auto A/C Electrical Service, we also provide a long range of other auto repair services listed on our services page. Our auto repair experts have built our reputation by providing consistently superior service here in North Miami Beach.

No matter what your vehicle needs, come see us at AAA Radiator And Auto Air Conditioning today! We provide trustworthy, fast, reliable, and quality work at the right price. Don’t just pass through; come see us for any of your auto repair needs.

Our Certified ALLDATA Market Reviews :: Review Count: 13 :: Average Rating: 99.99% last 6 months

5 star rating
Teresita G. posted a review on 7/21/2017 and their testimonial is:
"This is my 2nd time visiting this shop. I first went 7 years ago when the evaporator went on my Beemer's AC. The same owner (Roy) is still there and still running the place with a keen eye on everything that's going on, and let me tell you - this place is the busiest shop in town, especially if your AC dies in the Miami summer sun! But regardless of how busy the place is, get there as early as you can (I got there at 8:10am) as the later you go, the busier it gets. The guys who work for Roy are all great as well. Junior greeted me as I drove up and within 10 minutes, was able to pinpoint and show me the problem with my AC. It was the evaporator again (they seem to last 7 years) but I also had a leak in the compressor so I just opted to have both replaced so I wouldn't have to worry about having a future issue when the compressor finally died. I felt I was treated very fairly price-wise and certainly by Roy and his crew of well-qualified service men. I would recommend this place, hands down, for any issue at all with your vehicle's AC."
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1 star rating
Christina Auguste posted a review on 6/27/2016 and their testimonial is:
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5 star rating
Jose J. posted a review on 2/1/2016 and their testimonial is:
"AAA radiator is everything that you would expect to see in a well manage company with a great team of workers. They work fast and elegant. Yes, it is hard to see in today’s world but in AAA radiator you get to see experience personal that works as a family. They are happy, relax and fast. Everyone have a clear task. However, they are able to harmonize and support each other when it is need it. Moreover, the price is a fair one. Roy gives you good deals in every repair. He sticks with the numbers from the beginning and delivers good results on time including parts and installation. My wife, 36 weeks pregnant, my 11 mouth old boy, my mother in law and I arrived a Wednesday afternoon at 3:34 pm with a serious malfunction in the radiator. The radiator was losing coolant and we were far from home. Roy assesses the situation and did some fast calls. Roy gave instructions to the team and the magic unveil before our eyes. I was there during the reparation. They remove the old radiator and just when it was out a new radiator was arriving. They performed the installation with the coolant. They did the routine test. I paid a fair price with discount. My family and I were heading home at 4:10pm with a new radiator. I am writing this report 19 days after the reparation was done and every things works fine."
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5 star rating
Melisa F. posted a review on 10/16/2015 and their testimonial is:
"These guys were awesome again this is my second time I brought my 2003 Nissan Murano. My car was making a strange rattling noise while I was driving. When I brought it to them they found the problem in less than 5 minutes and had it off the lift and fixed within 1 hour with a compressor problem, they charge me only $ 300.00 problem fix and I'm very happy customer because I have a/c again. They know what they're doing and are extremely nice guys that don't over charge. Definitely recommend them and will be back if I have any other trouble. Roy the manager and his team work hard to have the best customer services ever. I WILL ALWAY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE."
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5 star rating
Franco C. posted a review on 9/21/2015 and their testimonial is:
"From Montreal and my experience at Triple A was A+.Roy was an honest gentleman and has a solid team behind him.Would recommend all Canadians with air conditioning problems or auto problems visit Roy and his team when in the Miami area !"
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5 star rating
Jesse M. posted a review on 8/27/2015 and their testimonial is:
"excellent work, they know what they are doing and they give you a complete breakdown of cost , very happy and ac very cold, thank you."
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5 star rating
Ivan G. posted a review on 7/31/2015 and their testimonial is:
"I just went to the shop with my brother car a saturn outlook and the owner ask me what happen to the car ,and within 10 minutes the car was inside the shop and no more the 30 minutes they check everything trying to find some leak and replaced the high side valve and i took the car back to home ,five star to this shop ,if you have a/c problem just go ,i live in hialeah and make my research on the internet and this was one of the best."
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5 star rating
Chris posted a review on 7/15/2015 and their testimonial is:
"Highly recommend that they take the AC problem to AAA.

I am very impressed with the competence. These guys are GOOD!!!
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5 star rating
Anonymous posted a review on 4/25/2015 and their testimonial is:
"Go there! They are patient and they know what they are doing! As soon soon as you get there someone is there to assist you."
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5 star rating
Alfredo P. from N Miami posted a review on 4/5/2015 and their testimonial is:
"this is the best place to take your car if you have air conditioner problems and radiator problems the best service."
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5 star rating
Michael O. posted a review on 12/28/2014 and their testimonial is:
"I went there after calling to see if they were familiar with the 2006 Lexus GS 430 A/C drainage problem. They fixed it while I waited for less than 1 hour and only charged me $100. A very pleasant change from Lexus of No Miami which wanted to make a big deal out of the repair, keep my car for 3 days and charge me over $1,000."
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5 star rating
Peter M. posted a review on 5/24/2014 and their testimonial is:
"Excellent work and done quickly. I have always been treated honestly as far as parts and labor."
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5 star rating
M321 posted a review on 2/28/2014 and their testimonial is:
"I found this shop in 2005 when we had a 94 accord and the AC compressor went out and the dealers wanted $2k to fix it. My dad was ready to get rid of it. I then called these people and they said $375 to fix it. So I drove down all the way from Cocoa Beach, FL. I couldn't believe it, in 1.5hrs or less they took out the old compressor, put in a rebuilt one and Freon and what else and I was out the door for $375. That lasted 5 yrs. I went down and redid it again. It was a Honda Accord so it's still running at 250k miles +. I also took there my dad's MB for some thing w/ AC, it cost about $250 vs $1000+ at the dealer. I recently took there my moms VW Jetta, same problem w/ compressor. This time I opted to put in the VW OEM compressor so it was $450 out the door vs $375 for a rebuilt one. All I had to do was call and talk to Roy. He's a straight shooter, always honest, professional, and courteous. When you tell him the yr and model of the cars, he'll tell you the price before you even finish the sentence. I highly recommend him. Anytime I have to go down to Miami, I try to make a little vacation out of it."
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